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death of a driver.

Written by Will Snider
Director: Shelby R. Seeley
Stage Manager: Briana O'Neal

Set Designer: Amanda Bates

Lighting Designer: Jeff Alder
Costume Designer: Micha Mallett
Props Designer: Carla Milarch
Sound Designer: Kennikki Jones-Jones
Accent Coach: Lynnae Lehfeldt
Intimacy Coordinator: Kat Walsh
Photos by Sean Carter. 

Presented through Theatre Nova.


Sarah: Sarah B. Stevens

Kennedy: Jalen Wilson-Nelem

Audience Feedback:

The play was both moving and thought-provoking, and the actors did a beautiful job of embodying the characters through time and emotions and circumstances and all—which is a tribute to the director too. Kudos to Theatre Nova for making the courageous choice to mount this play— and for following through so skillfully too." - Jan Sockness

"Saw Theatre Nova's "Death of a Driver" last night and CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. The script by Will Snider takes us from giddy optimism to a heartbreaking conclusion, with many layers of nuance along the way. Jalen Wilson-Nelem and Sarah B. Stevens are terrific! Shelby Seeley's deft direction enables them to make the sharp emotional pivots the script requires of their characters, and keeps the burgeoning friendship/partnership/flirtation between the two moving seamlessly through time, political realities and events that will ultimately - and drastically - change them both. "Death of a Driver" only runs until June 9. It is well worth seeing."- Maureen Paraventi

"I was at the show tonight on opening of "Death of a Driver" and I thought
Shelby did a great job with the staging and storytelling of the time-jumping play in a small space. It was very effective and you had a standing ovation. The actors had great chemistry and the audience was rapt in attention." - Karen Sheridan

"We're visiting from out of town and wanted to see some local theatre. We were blown away by this show- the play was great and led to so much conversation afterwards. The acting was outstanding; two people crafted a convincing complex and unusual relationship. Thank you-- I am writing this to help get the word out!" -Diane Zelman

"My husband and I were blown away by Theatre Nova's production of "Death of a Driver"! We were totally immersed in the story from beginning to end and the performances by Sarah Stevens as Sarah and Jalen Wilson-Nelem as Kennedy were mesmerizing and unforgettable. (Afterwards we were talking about various aspects of the play all the way home!) Congratulations to all involved in creating this charming and meaningful play! Highly recommended!!" -Anne Bauman

"This was one of the best plays I've seen at NOVA. Both the writing and the acting were subtle, expressive and convincing. The problems raised in the play are serious and recognizable as happening around the world, but the play was never preachy and one never had the impression of being driven (if I may put it that way) in a set direction."- Audience Member

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