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By: Jessica Moss

Director: Shelby R. Seeley

Development Workshop/Staged Reading, Renaissance City Repertory Theatre

Colleen is a stand-up comic who's never hit the big time, which the voices in her head never allow her to forget. Jen is a med student hell-bent on perfection. Maya is Jen's girlfriend...or she was, until she fucked it up. And Lois is a talent agent with a cosmic understanding. When the voices in Colleen's head leak out and begin to infect other characters with insecurity and panic, the only thing to do is to steal someone's identity. Imposter! is a shared anxiety attack about self-doubt, self-hatred, and reinvention for four actors.


Colleen- Ann Acheson

Lois- Connie Cowper

Maya- Laura Nguyen

Jen- Marie Muhammad


Dramaturg- Olivia Keifer

Stage Directions Reader- Kennedy Vernengo

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