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"Lovebird Jamboree" Coming to Planet Ant

Lovebird Jamboree: Love Stories From The LGBTQ Community by Sarah Elisabeth Brown

Based on a series of interviews from people in the LGBTQI community, eight very different characters present their defining love stories. Gym junkies, sex workers, academics, softball jocks, and wannabe Jell-O salad aficionados – all get their say in this heartfelt, funny set of monologues. Supported by a story-collecting grant from the Santa Fe Community Foundation, the work premiered at Theaterwork in New Mexico in 2000. The 2019 production of “Lovebird Jamboree” was awarded the Fresh Fruit Spirit Award for fostering LGBTQI pride, survival, history and progress.

Playwright: Sarah Elisabeth Brown

Director: Shelby R. Seeley

Producer: Andy Reid

Stage Manager: Matthew Morley

Set & Props: Tim Pollack


Arlin: David Moy

Sadie: Linda Rabin Hammell

Plum: Michele Harte

Monty: Henry Ballesteros

Eden: Celah Convis

Abby: Aisha Scott

Steve: Isaac Coenca

Leslie: Marie Muhammad

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