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2019 in Review

I like lists. They make me happy. I am so thankful for the pure privilege I have to do the things I love. Here are some lists for 2019!

Shows I Directed

Once on This Island Jr.

Man of La Mancha

Pizza Slut

The Gulf

Mistress Chelsea

Keep Talking, I’m Listening

Romeo and Juliet

Shows I Assistant Directed


Much Ado About Nothing

Things I Acted In

Practice Teaching


Romeo and Juliet

Practice Teaching (Again x2!)


Workshops Taught

Drama Llama Day

Directing Workshop

Theatre Classes Taken (though it could be argued that all classes are theatre classes in a way)

Interpretation of Drama

Theatre History II 1600-present

Independent Studies-2

Jazz Dance

Musical Theatre History

Drama and Play in the Human Experience

Adapting and Directing

Voice and Articulation

Hip Hop Dance

Career Seminar

Scholarships and Awards

Marla and Dr. James Gousseff Memorial Scholarship

CMTA Excellence Award

Emerald Scholarship

Dean’s List

Mentorship Award

Plays and Books Read (I definitely didn’t get them all…)

Emilia Morgan Lloyd-Malcolm

The Last Wife Kate Hennig

Peabrain Jacob Marx Rice

Alabaster Audrey Cefaly

The Gulf Audrey Cefaly

A Doll’s House Henrik Ibsen

Cloud Nine Carol Churchill

An Octoroon Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

Eurydice Jean Anouilh

After the Fall Arthur Miller

Baby Dyke Whisperer Amber Palmer

The Sweater Play Amber Palmer

The Wolves Sarah Delappe

The Moors Jen Silverman

Hurricane Diane

The Tamer Tamed John Fletcher

Fin and Euba Audrey Cefaly

Clean Audrey Cefaly

Women of Will Tina Packer

Tales from Shakespeare Tina Packer

Power Plays John O. Whitney and Tina Packer

Play Stuart Brown

Experimental Theatre Creating and Staging Texts Judy Yordon

A Director Prepares Anne Bogart

How to Start Your Own Theatre Company Reginald Nelson

The Collected Poems of Tennessee Williams

Salve Deus Rex Iudaeorum Emilia Lanier

Plays Watched (again, not all of them!)

Fortinbras Penny Seats Theatre Company

Murder Ballad Penny Seats Theatre Company

Little Shop of Horrors Stratford Festival

Crazy for You Encore Musical Theatre Company

Brigadoon Encore Musical Theatre Company

The Glass Menagerie Flint Repertory Theatre

Into the Woods Flint Repertory Theatre

Cleopatra Boy A Host of People

Mad as a Hatter Roustabout Theatre Company

On the Edge Boxfest Detroit

Ten Minute Grief Counseling Boxfest Detroit

Whore of Shomron Boxfest Detroit

The Dress with the Print Boxfest Detroit

Cabaret Eastern Michigan University

She Kills Monsters Eastern Michigan University

Songs Unsung Eastern Michigan University

Badger Woodhaven High School

You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown Woodhaven High School

Cuts CRLT Players

Approx. Days in Rehearsals: 123

Approx Shows: 53

Approx Places Performed: 17

Mendelssohn Theatre, University of Michigan

University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Planet Ant Theatre, Hamtramck

West Park, Ann Arbor

Theatre Nova, Ann Arbor

Quirk Theatre, Eastern Michigan University

Sponberg Theatre, Eastern Michigan University

Lab Theatre, Eastern Michigan University

Woodhaven High School, Woodhaven

Michigan League Ballroom, University of Michigan

West Hall, University of Michigan

Weiser Hall, University of Michigan

Foster Library, University of Michigan

Northwest High School, Jackson


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