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2022 In Review

I like lists. It is an honor and privilege to practice my art. I am and always will be thankful.

Special Events:

In 2022, I got to "walk" at graduation. It has been two years since I officially graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a BS in Theatre Arts, but the opportunity to walk at graduation and truly say "goodbye" to my time spent at EMU was lost to the Covid-19 Pandemic. It was a symbolic and cathartic closing of a chapter. I'm glad to have had the opportunity, and to share it with the people I love.

I also got to share in a One Year Anniversary get together with my classmates at Yale via Zoom. Seeing their faces again felt like we never were apart. I feel honored to share a cohort of such talented and kind individuals.


Wrong River, Assistant Director, Flint Repertory Theater

Death of a Salesman, Assistant Director, Flint Repertory Theater

Spongebob Squarepants Musical, Co-Director, My Middle and High Schoolers

Newsies Jr., Director, My Middle Schoolers

Act with Equity, Actress, University of Michigan CRLT Players

Sassafras and the Captain, Producer, Fresh Fruit Festival

Solo Acts, Production Manager, Limelight LLC


Total Drama Stars Theatre Camp, City of Farmington Hills

Acting and Auditions, Ann Arbor Civic Theatre

Playmakers Theatre Camp, Theatre Nova/Ann Arbor Recreation

All Stars Theatre Camp, City of Farmington Hills

Plays Read:

Rage Play, Nandita Shenoy

Paradise Blue, Dominique Morisseau

Skeleton Crew, Dominique Morisseau

White Noise, Suzan Lori-Parks

Maytag Virgin, Audrey Cefaly

Mum, Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

Do You Feel Anger? Mara Nelson-Greenberg

Airline Highway, Lisa D’Amour

Typical Girls, Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

When the Long Trick’s Over, Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

The Wasp, Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

Mother Of, Katherine Gwyn

Hot Wing King, Katori Hall

Kayak Jordan Hall

This One Is Set in a Spa Gracie Gardner

Defying Gravity Jane Anderson

Mother’s Daughter Kate Hennig

People, Places and Things Duncan Macmillan

Rain on Fire Karen Saari

In Search of the Mothman Amber Palmer

Egress Sarah Saltwick

Trouble Audrey Cefaly

Forest Creature Kimberly Bellflower

Bake for Life Rainah Gregory

Ismene Rainah Gregory

Washer/Dryer Nandita Shenoy

Find me on New Play Exchange for all my recommendations ( .

Plays Watched: My Little Titus Andronicus, Woodhaven Theatre Company

The Band’s Visit, Broadway in Detroit

Pass Over, Theatre Nova

Legally Blonde, Downriver Youth Performing Arts Center

Bye Bye Birdie, Riverview High School

The Fantasticks, Flint Repertory Theatre

Hamlet, Stratford Shakespeare Festival

Chicago, Stratford Shakespeare Festival

Mama Mia, OOPS

Mama Mia, The Encore Musical Theatre Company

Guys on Ice, A Wilde Theatre


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