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"Sassafras and the Captain" Awarded "Outstanding Production of 2022"

Updated: Jan 31

"Sassafras and the Captain" was awarded "Outstanding Production of 2022" and "Outstanding Lead in a Comedy of 2022 for Clara Tristan" by the Fresh Fruit Festival.


Playwright: Sarah Elisabeth Brown

Producer: Shelby R. Seeley

Director: Kathryn McConnell

Sassafras: Clara Tristan* OUSTANDING LEAD IN A COMEDY of 2022

Captain Lou: Averie Bueller

Micky Penny: Kian J. Johnson

Isabelle: Alana Jessica Martin

Mistress Chelsea: Alice Jamal

Stage Manager: Athos Cakiades

Assistant Director/Covid Compliance Officer: Fionn Pulsifer

Costume Designer: David Quinn

Set and Props Designer: Meghan Chou

Sound Designer: Olivia Fairless

Social Media Manager and Indiegogo Coordinator: Alice Hakvaag

Photos by Claragh Kean.


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